Eastwood Christian Church - Nashville, TN
Sermons, music and other highlights from worship services at Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), located at 1601 Eastwood Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

The Offertory for Youth Sunday, "In the Sweet By and By," was presented by Sam and Wyatt Duemler, who both played and sang.  This was part of our May 18, 2014 Youth Sunday Worship service.

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The Sermon for Youth Sunday, "Refuge for the Future," was presented by two of Eastwood's graduating high school seniors, Augusta Freeman and Joseph Hartley.  

"College is a refuge from hasty judgement." - Robert Frost

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Friends, we are pleased to share this recording of our Worship service from the Sixth Sunday of Easter - May 25, 2014. 

"Jesus is his own successor ... at least for those who move beyond their memories about him, and their re-enactments of cherished moments surrounding him, to actually doing his commandments to love one another."  -- Barry Woodbridge

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