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Sermons, music and other highlights from worship services at Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), located at 1601 Eastwood Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

Friends, I'd like to invite you to a brief time of meditation.  It'll take less than four minutes, and I'm confident you'll find it well worth the time.

While we celebrate communion every Sunday, on the first Sunday of the month we do it in a different and special way.  We line up and walk down the center aisle, we take some bread and dip it in the cup and consume it, and we form a chain all around the sanctuary, holding hands.

And as we do these things, we sing.  The organ leads us off but then quickly fades away so that unaccompanied voices fill the air.  We hold hands and we sing a simple refrain, again and again:

Eat this Bread, Drink this Cup, Come to Me and never be hungry

Eat this Bread, Drink this Cup, Trust in Me and you will not thirst

I love doing this.  I love looking around and seeing our loving community of faith, joined in this celebration, singing and praying. 

This recording is a little less than four minutes of that unaccompanied singing from our Worship on Sunday.  I hope you'll be able to find a quiet spot, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and listen.  Listen to the assembled voices together.  What a blessing! 

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